A New Beginning!

s1developerAn old adage says that All good things come to an end. While that sounds logical, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the obvious – all good things start somewhere. And this is the beginning of a new Chapter in my web life – my own website and a blog focused on things I’m passionate about.

Among other things, this will be my new playground for all things related to mobile, Salesforce and Salesforce mobile development.

The Past

I actually took up blogging quiet early – much earlier than it became a prominent social media channel. While I started off as a hobbyist, it quickly transformed into a professional avenue for me. Shortly after I started, technical blogging soon became second nature for me and I ended up taking a ghost blogger position for some of the most well-known technology blogs. While non-disclosure prevents me from naming some of my best ghost-written blog posts, here’s a list of some of my other blogging avatars.

The Telecom Blog – One of Canada’s top-rated telecom blogs, this was one of my longest professional blogging stints as a lead blogger

Smedio – Editor and lead blogger for a popular blog aimed at digital marking tips, tricks, techniques and best practices

OhGizmo – A relatively short blogging stint focused on unconventional gadget reviews

Simon Blog – Singapore’s top-rated iPhone and iPad app review blog

Apart from professional blogging, I maintained my daughter Vanisha’s blog for a couple of years but gave it up due to some personal setbacks that came along the way.

The Current

I’ve been busy – I’m sure you’ve heard that before and that’s the bullshit excuse I’ve been giving myself for a while. That’s until now – when I’ve decided to get rid of my writer’s block, and that’s hopefully for good.

On a more serious front, I currently spend most of my time focused on various aspects of Salesforce, mobile and Salesforce mobile development in general. As usual, I’ve also been taking time to attend and in some cases speak at some of the best technology conferences all over the world

The Future

The best thing about future is that it comes one day at a time but in this case, I am hoping it comes one blog post at a time. My past blogging stints have shown me that a dormant site/ blog is worse than not having a blog or a website. Therefore, I’ve promised myself to be as regular as possible. But now really is the time to stop making those promises and start executing them.

Wish me luck as I embark upon this new journey!

Yours truly!



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