Code Coverage!

height_360_width_640_overlay_codecoveragecoverartIf you are a Salesforce developer, you’d probably agree that there’s no bigger dreaded term than ‘Code Coverage‘. Although the overall intent (as in literal sense) is to increase the coverage of your code and ensure quality, developers often end up writing tests just for the sake of coverage and crossing the line 🙂

Anyway, this year, I learnt about a completely new dimension to code coverage. Run by Matt Lacey ( MVP) and Steven Herod (Salesforce MVP), ‘Code Coverage‘ is a popular Salesforce Developer Podcast series featuring some interesting folks.

I had the good fortune of being featured as a guest on Episode 10 of Code Coverage as a Salesforce mobile expert (loved the title – Mobile! Mobile! Mobile! with all those exclamations). I talked about my journey of starting off from being a telecom stack developer to writing device drivers and then transitioning to a mobile developer. And then, Salesforce development happened to me and I decided to make the best of both worlds – Salesforce and mobile.

I also touch upon some key considerations that developers should keep in mind while building Salesforce1 mobile apps. We talk about the eternal native vs. hybrid debate and also briefly discuss use cases for building custom apps using the Mobile SDK vs. using the Salesforce1 app container. All in all, an interesting discussion with lots of good questions and I hope lots of valuable tips for Salesforce mobile developers out there.

If you’d like to listen to this episode, click here.

I thank Matt & Steven for having me on Code Coverage and I’m happy to be rubbing shoulders with some amazing folks who’ve been featured on these podcasts including Mary Scotton, Josh Birk, Daniel Hoechst, Andrew Fawcett, (Sir) Reid Carlberg and the amazing Keir Bowden (no wonder his was the first episode).

[Updated in January 2015 – The list is even more impressive now with new episodes with likes of Kevin Poorman (Competed against him on few hacakthons/ CloudSpokes challenges) and Kevin O’Hara (Father of nforce)


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