Swiftly Yours – Designing Enterprise Mobile Apps With iOS and Salesforce

Apple_Swift_LogoI’ve played around a lot with Swift ever since it was launched. I also worked on porting some of my simpler Force.com Mobile SDK apps written in pure Objective-C to use Swift to better understand the nuances of Swift. While that exercise itself warrants a blog post and it’s on my to-do list, I’m writing a quickie to introduce this very interesting series of tutorials – ‘Designing Enterprise Mobile Apps With iOS and Salesforce’.

The series is a brainchild of Quinton Wall and I’ve been interacting with him about contributing my first tutorial to it – which should see the light of day very soon. 

I find this series exciting and interesting for a couple of reasons

A) There is a ton of information available about building Mobile SDK apps using Objective-C but there’s hardly any quality tutorials focusing on Swift

B) The series is well planned and focuses on iteratively building out the app in an iterative manner – starting off with wireframes, moving to design, preparing the base template and then starting off with the business end of things.

If you are an iOS developer building native Salesforce apps, I strongly recommend that you keep an eye on this series (especially for my upcoming tutorial – shameless plug 🙂

More on Swift coming soon from yours truly as well!


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