Salesforce Developer Success Story – Gaurav Kheterpal

CHkoMFKWwAADs-xI had a memorable Dreamforce 2014 last October presenting two sessions – one in the Dev Zone and another one in the community zone. I was also thrilled to be able to meet most of the people off my list of ’35 Rockstar Developers You Should Meet at Dreamforce 2014

As in 2013, I was psyched up to participate in the Dreamforce hackathon. I gave it all I had – working round the clock to build an interesting application for the hackathon.  However, as in 2013, I didn’t make it past the first round in in the hackathon. While that was still playing on my mind, I was pleasantly surprised when Salesforce Dev Relations approached me shortly after the conference for a ‘Developer Success Story’.

You can read the story on Salesforce Developer Relations blog here.

I was obviously thrilled but also unsure if I truly deserve it or not. Of course, I had already published a post on my Salesforce developer journey here so I didn’t really know what else it would cover.

I’ve always been a very shy and socially inactive person who prefers to stay away from the limelight. However, being a community evangelist often means that you need to exactly the opposite – lead and participate in community events, mingle with fellow developers, interact with folks on social media and so forth. And hence, I agreed.

What is a ‘Developer Success Story’?

In hindsight, I believe this is an interesting program which showcases developers from the Salesforce developer community from varying backgrounds. I hope it’s especially inspiring and motivating for folks who’re new to the community as it revolves around the same idea – everyone enters the community as a newbie some day and if you stick around, work hard and contribute the best as you can, good things will follow.

Of course, it’s always subjective to measure success. I’ve learnt a bit over the years in the Salesforce ecosystem but I still feel I’ve a lot yet to learn in the coming years. If anything, this will motivate me to work harder and contribute more to the Salesforce developer ecosystem.

I’m grateful to the Salesforce Dev Relations team who believed I’m worthy of being covered as a ‘Developer Success Story’. A special thanks to my colleagues and friends in the Salesforce community, this is really “our” success story.

Let’s keep learning together!


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