GCPUG Jaipur Kickoff Webinar

0-MoPE_IT7qCnTKS8KJaipur is fast emerging as one of the hottest startup hubs in India and it’s no surprise that the startup community is buzzing with a lot of activity with events happening on a fairly regular basis. However, despite the fact that there are several startup events and pep talks going on, there’s still a serious dearth of hardcore technical events and groups.

A lot of companies – big and small in Jaipur use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but unfortunately there’s not much of a community around it. To increase awareness and build a community for all GCP developers, Google initiated the concept of GCPUGs (Google Cloud Platform User Groups).

And I’m delighted to announce that Jaipur has been added to the list of official GCPUGs in India. In August, We had a kickoff webinar to formally commence the GCPUG Jaipur with Romin Irani – a Google Certified Expert. Here’s the recording for the webinar.

To be honest, we had a lot of issues with the Internet connectivity and things should have been better. However, I’m glad that we’ve at least made a start and as the GCPUG Jaipur Chapter owner, I’m looking forward to our next steps.

Watch out for further updates!


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