PluralSight Course Review – Career Strategies and Opportunities for Salesforce Platform Developers

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Disclaimers – 1) I’m a bookworm and an e-learning worm as well 2) I’ve read all of Dan Appleman’s books and done all his courses

It’s an open secret that the best time to be a Salesforce professional is “now”. Salesforce has just closed off a strong quarter and an impressive year and it’s no surprise that the CRM giant itself and the markets are bullish on a strong year 2016.

The number of jobs in the Salesforce ‘ecosystem’ has risen exponentially over the last few years and that trend is likely to continue next year. Acquisitions – big and small are a norm rather than an exception and technology is moving at a ‘lightning’ pace.

I’ve been a part of the Salesforce ecosystem since 2007 (nine years and counting) and I’m looking forward to another exciting year as 2016 begins. Therefore, I decided to pursue the PluralSight ‘Career Strategies and Opportunities for Salesforce Platform Developers’ course by Salesforce MVP Dan Appleman to kickstart my new year.

Here’s a short un-biased review of the course and my 2 cents on how I expect the Salesforce ecosystem to grow and mature in year 2016

No Magic Wand, No Shortcuts

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I may be starting off on an unpopular note but I strongly believe it’s important to clear any misconceptions. Salesforce is NOT

  • A magic wand to a successful career
  • A shortcut to an exorbitant salary

While the market trends and the classical demand vs. supply problem may create pro-longed spikes, the technology industry does follow a time-and-again bell curve.

The course does a great job of explaining the opportunities and the paths to various popular Salesforce career opportunities such as

  • Developer
  • Administrator
  • Business Analyst

It explains how each of these paths is similar/ different from classical software jobs and sets the ground for how you go about pursuing each of these career tracks. Getting to the pinnacle of each of these career tracks is a lot of hard work but it’s a fulfilling and rewarding journey.

Where do I start?

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From the developer library, release notes and several other platform references, the course touches upon the several resources available to kickstart your Salesforce journey.

Training, Certification & Learning

The courses touches upon the courses from Salesforce University and how these can help aspiring and existing Salesforce professionals step up their game.

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It highlights some of the best books in the business including titles from Salesforce MVPs – Andy Fawcett, Jason Oullette and many others.

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The course also talks about 2 sites which are like second home to me – Developer Forums (which I moderate) and Salesforce StackExchange (where I contribute regularly)

Developer & Admin Careers

The course has detailed modules with valuable tips and well-defined learning paths to both developers and admin career courses – great way to get educated and certified on the platform.


Enough said, I would have been surprised if the course didn’t mention Trailhead. If you haven’t heard of Trailhead, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Take some time to read some of my earlier posts 🙂


And it does talk about that little conference called Dreamforce where  more than 100,000 folks converge to witness the best of the very best of the CRM industry.

The Opportunity

The bottom line is that Salesforce is transforming the CRM and software industry in general. I’ve been among the early movers as I had my first brush of the platform in 2007. And this year, Salesforce is expected to be on the top of it’s game.

The course is a testimony to how Salesforce and it’s ecosystem has gown over the years and also offers glimpses into the future – the best is yet to come.

If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s time to come and be a part of the Salesforce fraternity.

Happy learning!


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