Friday Webinar – June 24, 2016 is a powerful and diverse platform and understandably, it can be a bit challenging to get started with it. Thankfully, Salesforce has several on-going programs and initiatives to onboard newbies on the platform.

One such longest running initiative is the Friday Webinar series. I remember seeing quiet a few of these when I started my journey several years back. And now, life’s come sort of a full circle and I’ll be presenting the next Friday webinar. Friday Webinar

The webinar topic is ‘Intro to’ and it’s scheduled for June 24, 2016 10AM PDT | 6PM BST | 10:30PM IST

Intro to

Learn how to create your first Site, and illustrates the major areas of functionality such as security, syndication feeds, site audit history, error pages, usage reports and caching.

See you on on Friday – June 24th!

You can sign up for the webinar here.


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