So You Want My Job: Salesforce Mobile Architect! (Cross Post)

admin-heroA few weeks back, I had the good fortune of interacting with the amazing Brent Downey – the one-man army running, one of the most popular Salesforce administrator and consultant blogs. And while we still in discussions, Brent announced that AdminHero would be taking a breather. Though I’m not neither an administrator nor a consultant, I’d like to thank Brent for inducting me as a Salesforce Mobile Architect on his blog.

The blog post is published here and captures some interesting aspects of my daily routine – schedule, activities, best and worst parts and work life integration. It was good to roll back the clock to year 2008 and remember how my journey in the Salesforce ecosystem started – and how the community has helped me evolve on a regular basis. I’ve no qualms in admitting that I’m a mobile first guy who’s learning other things and that’s exactly I’ve always wanted things to be – glad that the blog post just re-affirms my belief in that direction.

Update – I did finally meet Brent at San Francisco during Dreamforce 2016 and I’m glad that AdminHero is back – alive, kicking and delivering awesome content as earlier!


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