SenchaCon 2016 – Building offline-first Enterprise-grade Salesforce apps using Ext JS 6

senchacon-heroI’m thrilled to share that I’ll be speaking at SenchaCon 2016 – that too on a mashup of two of my favorite technologies – Salesforce and mobile. I’ve attended and presented at SenchaCon in year 2013 – and I wrote about my fond memories of the experience in a post sometime back. I believe both Sencha Touch & extJS are powerful frameworks but there’s not enough awareness about the nuances of using them for enterprise app development.

I’ve been working on a proof of concept in my spare time for a few weeks to leverage extJS 6 and Salesforce Mobile SDK to build an off-line first application. The session details are as follows

Session Title

Building offline-first Enterprise-grade Salesforce apps using Ext JS 6
Offline support is a key use case for mobile apps, especially in the enterprise. The session walks though the complete lifecycle of building a offline-first Enterprise-grade app using ext JS 6. It uses the Salesforce Mobile SDK as a case study and demonstrates how Ext JS can be used in conjunction with enterprise platforms to build offline-first hybrid apps.
Needless to mention, I’m truly excited and thrilled at the prospect of presenting again at SenchaCon in over two weeks from now. And did I forget to mention – the conference is in Vegas! I’m not exactly a party animal, gambling doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t drink either – but I’m still looking forward to the unique experience that Vegas offers.
UPDATE – I eventually had to cancel my talk & plans to attend SenchaCon 2016 due to a personal emergency. The conference organisers were kind enough to give me another week to firm up my schedule but I guess fate had other plans. 

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