My Dreamforce 2016 Session Videos!

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-1-34-11-pmAs I mentioned in my last post, this was probably my busiest Dreamforce ever! It also turned out to be my most memorable Dreamforce ever – for several reasons. Although it’s been a few months since then, I can happily recollect each of the conference days – my sessions at Developer Forest & Admin Meadow as well as my other engagements.

The videos for all sessions were posted shortly after the conference. You can find all Dreamforce 2016 videos here. Here are the links for the sessions I presented at Dreamforce last year.

  1. Building App Cloud Mobile Extensions with Swift


This was an encore of the session I presented last year (co-incidentally in the same room!) and one of the few iOS/ Swift centric sessions at the conference. Also, I believe it wasn’t a mere conicidence that I presented this session on the same day as Steve Jobs’ death anniversary. Check out the video here




2. Lightning Strikes: Embrace the change in your org


This was the first-time ever at Dreamforce when I’ll be presenting a session in the Admin Zone (aka the Admin Meadow) and it was a memorable experience. This session was on the last day of the conference so I kept it light hearted and made an attempt to cover Lightning migration in a simplistic manner sans all the heavy duty stuff and complex jargon.



I had great fun presenting both sessions and it capped off a busy yet memorable week! Having said that, I’m already looking forward to the opportunity of presenting again at Dreamforce 2017!

See you there!


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