25 People To Meet At Sydney World Tour!

#Salesforce25 is an initiative led by some members in the Salesforce Ohana including the amazing Phil Walton – and I’ve been fortunate to make that list for the upcoming Sydney World Tour on March 21st. This would be my second World Tour event after a memorable experience that I had at the NYC event in June 2015.

Here’s the list for Sydney World Tour includes Salesforce MVPs and Salesforce employees including the likes of

Tony Prophet (Chief Equality Officer – Read more here , hoping to have some interesting conversations with him!)

Peter Coffee (VP – Strategic Research, if there’s a fan club for him, I’d lead it for sure!)

Shawna Wolverton (SVP – Platform)

Megan Peterson (the woman running everything in the background)

Holly Firestone (Senior Manager – Success Community) and several others.



And the best part – it includes fellow MVPs such as Daniel Ballinger (fellow speaker at Sydney DUG March meetup), Peter Chalmers, Eliot Harper (newly inducted and well deserved), Steven Herod (20+ certs, hoping to get some tips),  Joshua Hoskins (Globe Trotter), Vamsi Krishna, Jason Lawrence and Jodie Miners. I’ve met some of these fantastic people at Dreamforce over the years and for those who I haven’t met – I’m looking forward to meeting each one of you!

UPDATE – As much as I was looking forward to this visit, I was very apprehensive over my visa situation and as it turns out, my application hasn’t been processed in time – I feel gutted not to be able to make it. It’s a shame as I had done a lot of prep for my sessions at DUG as well as the World Tour. Hopefully, some day in the future- for this time though, I’ll just follow the live stream and catch the event on social media.


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