TrailheaDX – Why You Should Attend The Real Salesforce ‘Developer’ Conference!

First things first, I’ve been attending & speaking at Dreamforce every year since 2012! And with each passing year, it keeps getting busier for me – I had a packed schedule for Dreamforce 2016 and fun presenting at Developer & Admin Theatres. I’m proud of that track record, and I relish and look forward to this annual extravaganza each year, yet I’m still a developer at heart who loves getting his hands dirty and yearns for more technical & hands-on sessions.

While Dreamforce has it’s share of beginner, intermediate & advanced developer sessions, the audience is a mix of developers, admins, business users, CXOs and lots more. In that sense, Dreamforce is NOT a pure developer conference. In that sense, I’ve alway felt a void in the Salesforce event ecosystem and it’s no surprise that a couple of years back, I compared my experiences at Dreamforce vs. WWDC .

Thankfully though, Salesforce realised this huge gap last year and given that Trailhead revolution has taken over the company, it’s most appropriate that the Salesforce developer conference be called ‘TrailheaDX‘. The event made a modest start last year but I’m expecting the Trailhead team to go full throttle this year to put together a memorable developer experience at the event on 28-29th June, 2017.

And if you need any good reasons why as a developer, you should consider attending TrailheaDX, let me share mine with you!

  1. Hear from the horse’s mouth!

 That’s right – you hear from the Product Managers, the developers and the architects who’ve built the tools and the platform that you use day in and day out. This is one of the biggest USPs for Apple’s WWDC where developers queue up for sessions and labs to learn about frameworks, validate their ideas and in general, get an opportunity to discuss with the men and women who matter. I expect TrailheaDX to be no different in terms of value proposition than Apple WWDC – when it comes to hearing from the horse’s mouth.

On a lighter note, you’ll see lots of bears & goats at TrailheaDX – sadly, no horses though!



2. Let’s talk code, sans marketing!

Developers hate jargon, they hate marketing and they feel best when you talk code with them. And that’s what I expect from a developer conference like TrailheaDX – expert presenters deep diving into technical topics with sessions doing code walkthroughs on how and how not to do things. No place for playing for the camera – show me the code or it didn’t happen!




3. Accelerate Your Learning & Career!

As much as I love visiting San Francisco, it’s a very expensive place to attend (and host) a conference. Therefore, it can often be tricky to justify making a trip for a 2-day conference – especially when the buzz for Dreamforce is starting to build up. Thankfully, Salesforce has sweetened the deal by offering two free certification vouchers if you register for TrailheaDX by June 15.

If you’ve been gunning to get those certs, it’s a win-win proposition for me – attend sessions at TrailheaDX which help you prepare for the exam and then appear (and pass!) it for free.




4. Network & fun!

Developers, by tradition and history, are believed to be introverts. They mostly need a computer and an Internet connection – and then rest of the world can go f*** itself. However, in today’s modern age of social collaboration, it’s good to meet others – build some connections, have discussions with like-minded or unlike-minded peers and strangers – open up to new possibilities and have some fun! If you see a dark guy with specs with a Mac sporting a billion stickers, that’s me – let’s grab a coffee together!


5. Take a break!

It’s human nature that we get caught in a mundane cycle of our daily tasks. Breaking the routine is important to ensure that one stays on the top of their game and complacency doesn’t set in. In that sense, developer conferences offer you a much-needed break – while you’re still learning, you get off that routine schedule for a while and if it’s a city such as San Francisco with it’s gorgeous weather in the month of June, you don’t need to think twice!



Check out the TrailheaDX agenda here and the full session listing here.

See you in San Francisco on June 28th! I’ll be there, what about you?


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