Jaipur Salesforce Developer User Group – Three Events In Three Weeks!

global_345923962As one of the co-organisers (along with Ankit Arora aka forceguru and Durgesh) for the Jaipur Salesforce Developer User Group (Jaipur DUG), we’ve constantly strived to hold events with high-quality technical sessions.

Over the last year or so, we’ve constantly got feedback that our meetups need to be more regular so we’re excited to share that we’ve as many as three events planned in the next three weeks!

1) Conga Meetup (Friday – June 23rd) – First up is our meetup on next Friday with Conga specialist Vinayak Dixit flying in from Sydney. There’s still time to register for this one!

2) Jaipur WIT Inaugural Meetup (Saturday – June 24th) – Although this is NOT a Developer User Group event, we fully support, endorse and encourage this group – go girls! – rock it at your first Jaipur WIT event!

3) TrailheaDX Jaipur (Sunday – 9th July) – We’re already packed on this one with 120 registrations and nearly 50 people in the waiting list!

We expect this to be our biggest meetup event ever!

See you at these Jaipur Developer User Group events!


Jaipur DUG Team

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