25 Salesforce Leaders to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn

tenfoldA few days back, Tenfold published a list of ’25 Salesforce Leaders to follow on Twitter & LinkedIn’ and I’ve been included on that list.

With no disrespect to such surveys or listings, I generally don’t sweat over these as the selection criteria is often very sketchy and in some cases, crossing the ethical boundaries.

However, I’m happy to be included by Tenfold on this list because it’s based primarily based on the efforts and nurturing of this Linkedin group – ‘Salesforce developers/contractors’  which is the largest LinkedIn group for Salesforce professionals globally. And it isn’t about size or numbers, it takes a lot of time to keep the group sane, relevant, valuable and maintain the content quality standards.

Just another LinkedIn group?

The group was originally started by Don Robins and I took up the co-moderator duties to help keep up with the pace at which it was growing. The group isn’t just about posting career opportunities but over the years – it has turned out to be a valuable avenue for knowledge sharing in a large globally spread out community.

A Helping Hand!

And the focus isn’t just on networking or content, there’s a conscious effort to make sure that we’re doing our bit to connect those needing help with those who can help – whether that’s technical discussions, job opportunities, project fulfilment or any other items to help.

30K & Counting!

The group continues to grow at a surreal pace and I often find it a daunting task to keep up with the moderation duties. With 30K+ members, I’m not sure if things will be manageable going forward but hope to have a few other members step up and continue to help us on the group!

Keep learning – rise & shine!


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