London’s Calling 2018 – Let’s Talk Design Thinking & SLDS!

lclogoI couldn’t have hoped for a better start to year 2018 – my session proposal for London’s Calling 2018 was accepted and looks like I’m going to be meeting the queen again this year 🙂

I still have fond memories of my talk at London’s Calling 2017 and the overall experience of this conference from last year so I’m very pleased to be making the trip again this year!

I’ll be talking about one of my favourite topics – ‘Don’t Make Users Think: Implementing Design Thinking with SLDS’ and I’m happy to be speaking first up when the conference opens in the morning (I could brag about being the keynote speaker 🙂 )

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 6.53.04 PM

If you are attending and want to brainstorm design thinking/ Salesforce Lightning Design System, I hope my session will be a good use of your time!

Here’s a video of my talk from London’s Calling 2017!

I’ve a visa situation to be resolved but fairly optimistic that I’ll be able to deliver the session as planned!

See you at London’s Calling 2018 on Feb 16th 2018!


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