London’s Calling – Demystifying Commerce Cloud

Although I attend (and speak at) a number of conferences and events, there’re a few that are really close to my heart. London’s Calling is one of them and I’m so grateful to be presenting again at this amazing event this year!

If you’re attending the event today (Friday – 8th March, 2019), make sure to drop by Room Backspace at 2 PM to catch my session – ‘Demystifying Commerce Cloud‘ where I talk about the various facets of building eCommerce solutions on Salesforce!

I’ve presented at London’s Calling in 2017 and it was a memorable experience – very well organised, a mature audience and lots of interesting conversations! I’d taken some time off to write about why this event sets the benchmark for all other Salesforce community events globally.


If you’re not in London, you can catch my session online here as well

I’ll see you soon! Godspeed!


2 thoughts on “London’s Calling – Demystifying Commerce Cloud

  1. I work with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) as a back-end developer since January 2019. I’m still a junior developer, but I would like to become a sênior in SFCC one day, however, I don’t find courses or books to improve my skills on that. I would like to buy a book, do an advanced course or study to get certified, but I cannot find good material to do that. I did a course in the company that I work, but now I don’t know how to improve my skills on that. I think it is easier to learn and study about Salesforce CRM because there are lots of materials and courses spread on Internet and Trailhead gives a free sandbox while content about SFCC is rare and there is no free sandbox to study. Can you share with me any study material or tip?


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