London’s Calling – Demystifying Commerce Cloud – Session Recording

I had a great time presenting on ‘Demystifying Commerce Cloud Development‘ at London’s Calling 2019. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been on a mission to educate developers on the nuances of Salesforce’s eCommerce offerings and have been fortunate to present at some of the best community conferences all over the world.

It’s always a bit of a challenge presenting a session post lunch but I hope I did my best to keep the audiences awake and engaged.

Image result for mr beans people falling sleeping gif

This session was aimed at walking you through a journey of ramping up on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, from understanding the various offerings, writing your first ‘Hello World’ app to walking through the best practices of building highly scalable and user-friendly eCommerce sites on the Salesforce platform!

Here’s a link to my session recording from London’s Calling 2019.


A sincere vote of thanks to London’s Calling 2019 organisers and those who attended my session. I’ll be back next year!

Godspeed & keep learning!


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