AWS User Group OSTech 2021 – ‘Build Your Own DevOps Stack’

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to present at OSTech Conference organised by AWS User Group, Jaipur. This was a 2-day event covering a number of tracks including Cloud Native & DevOps, Software Development, Open Source, Co-Location & Community.

The organising team put on a great show with a fabulous speaker line up and kept the event engaging with quizzes and several contests intertwined as breaks. Read on to know more about the event and my session.


I was excited to see the announcement for AWS User Group a few days back on Linkedin. As an avid advocate of constant learning and someone who loves supporting the Jaipur technology ecosystem, I was really happy to see the AWS community kickstart in Jaipur.

AWS User Group Jaipur #aws #cloud #useergroup #awsugjaipur

I caught up on the opening event recording as well and it looked really promising. This event had a young organising team and they put their heart and soul into making the event successful – this was evident in how smoothly the whole event went.

Thank you Abhineet, Aditya and Seema for this opportunity and organising this wonderful event. As they say, It takes a village and they were ably supported by an army of volunteers, aptly called RouteHeroes in typical AWS lingo.

I’ve organised and attended a lot of events and no such event can be successful without good sponsors. It was a pleasant surprise to see the who’s who of technology ecosystem come forward and support this event. A credit to the organisers again to tapping into such big and respected names as sponsors.

My Session

I presented on ‘Building Your Own DevOps Stack’ – I’ve been a huge proponent of Open Source since the early days of Linux and it’s been fascinating to see this movement grow from strength to strength in the last two decades. I’ve dabbled a fair bit on a number of DevOps tool professionally as well as for my hobby projects (as well as a couple of startup ideas that never took off) and it was good to share those learning with a broader audience. You can check out my session recording here

All Sessions

I was glued to the live stream all weekend and there were a number of high-quality interesting sessions. It was a great learning experience listening to some amazing speakers delivering high-quality content.

You can see all Day 1 session recordings here

You can see all Day 2 session recordings here

Overall, a great event and I enjoyed presenting as well as tuning in for the other sessions. In future, I hope to invite the AWS User Group Jaipur team to conduct a session at our MTX premises – we’ve loved hosting several other tech communities from Jaipur in the past. And I look forward to OSTech 2022 returning as a bigger in-person event in Jaipur!

Till then, Godspeed & keep learning!


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