Hi there and welcome to my home on the Internet.

What this site is about?

At the moment, this site has content which can be best classified as

  • My experiences with Salesforce
  • Opinions on development, design, architecture
  • Experiences as a Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Enterprise Architect
  • My talks & perspective on some of the world’s leading tech conferences
  • Tutorials, articles and videos on Salesforce mobile development
  • Rants, Bragging et al

What this site is NOT?

While the objectives may not be in stone yet, this site is definitely NOT

  • Magic wand or cheat sheets to learn mobile, Salesforce1 or Salesforce mobile development
  • Substitute to any official Salesforce mobile/ Salesforce1 documentation
  • In any manner, an endorsement of views of my employer and/or clients
  • A reflection of my relationship with Salesforce or any of it’s business units


In addition to this site, I maintain an active presence on the following channels



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Gaurav,

    I see that you are a guru in mobile SFDC applications.
    I am facing an issue with the login page of my mobile application.
    My team has build an hybrid html5 + Adroid app, this app is used by sales reps (partner community users ) to market product to potential clients.

    The issue comes with the login process, we use the default community login page.

    Here i explain the process when everything goes well:
    1-User enters security credetials and submit
    2-User asked to allow permission access
    3-APP gets started

    Here i explain the process when it goes wrong (it happends from time to time):
    1-User enters security credentials and submit
    2-User gets redirected to the community webview page instead of the APP

    Please let me knnow if you have face the same issue or know how to solve it.

    Thanks very much in advance!!


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