Bootstrapping the PHP Toolkit – Part 3

Img80_phpIn the last tutorial, we learnt how to enhance the PHP Toolkit by building a Contact Detail page and doing CRUD operations on the user interface for Contact records. In this post, we’ll look at how to import and export Contact records into a CSV file.

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Bootstrapping the PHP Toolkit – Part 1

Img80_phpOne of the best things about being a Salesforce developer is that there’re lots of open-source projects and tools available. The bad thing though is that since there are so many of these, most of these aren’t updated regularly enough. The PHP Toolkit is one such framework which although is very powerful, but the user interface is completely dated as it’s not been updated since year 2010.

I decided to pick it up, enhance it and jazz it up a little bit to adopt to the modern times. Read on to find out more.

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A New Beginning!

s1developerAn old adage says that All good things come to an end. While that sounds logical, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the obvious – all good things start somewhere. And this is the beginning of a new Chapter in my web life – my own website and a blog focused on things I’m passionate about.

Among other things, this will be my new playground for all things related to mobile, Salesforce and Salesforce mobile development.

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