Dreamforce Hackathon 2013 – Memories From Last Year

Dreamforce-Hackathon-2013-10-25-11-11-27It was the perfect opportunity. In the lead up to Dreamforce 2013, Salesforce had announced the largest ever Hackathon prize in the history of computing industry. I had a brilliant idea in mind. And perhaps enough time to turn that idea into a reality. There was lots of support from all corners – friends, family and colleagues.

 [Warning – Long post with lots of personal emotions, passion, rants and lots more – written on a 15-hour flight with no Wi-Fi 😦 as I prepare to arrive for the Salesforce Hacakthon this year]

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Attend CONNECTIONS|2014 – The Dreamforce Equivalent for ExactTarget Developers (For Free!)

2014-1139x451-Connections-codeIf you are a developer or an administrator involved with ExactTarget platform, this is one event which you should attend. Packed with an envious line up of star speakers, the CONNECTIONS|2014 offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn and interact with the experts from the ExactTarget community.

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35 Rockstar Developers You Should Meet at Dreamforce 2014!

Dreamforce1It’s precisely 35 days to go for the world’s biggest and the most innovative technology conference – Dreamforce 2014 to get underway! For somebody like me who’s an outright technology geek and loves meeting fellow developers, the Dreamforce conference is nothing short of the final frontier.

So, why should you attend Dreamforce 2014? Well, there are plenty of reasons to do so but if you’re a developer, this conference offers a rare opportunity to meet and interact with some of the world’s best developers out there.
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