TrailheaDX – Why You Should Attend The Real Salesforce ‘Developer’ Conference!

First things first, I’ve been attending & speaking at Dreamforce every year since 2012! And with each passing year, it keeps getting busier for me – I had a packed schedule for Dreamforce 2016 and fun presenting at Developer & Admin Theatres. I’m proud of that track record, and I relish and look forward to this annual extravaganza each year, yet I’m still a developer at heart who loves getting his hands dirty and yearns for more technical & hands-on sessions.

While Dreamforce has it’s share of beginner, intermediate & advanced developer sessions, the audience is a mix of developers, admins, business users, CXOs and lots more. In that sense, Dreamforce is NOT a pure developer conference. In that sense, I’ve alway felt a void in the Salesforce event ecosystem and it’s no surprise that a couple of years back, I compared my experiences at Dreamforce vs. WWDC .

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My Dreamforce 2016 Session Videos!

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-1-34-11-pmAs I mentioned in my last post, this was probably my busiest Dreamforce ever! It also turned out to be my most memorable Dreamforce ever – for several reasons. Although it’s been a few months since then, I can happily recollect each of the conference days – my sessions at Developer Forest & Admin Meadow as well as my other engagements.

The videos for all sessions were posted shortly after the conference. You can find all Dreamforce 2016 videos here. Here are the links for the sessions I presented at Dreamforce last year.

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WWDC vs. Dreamforce 2015 – A Tale of Two Conferences!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.36.12 PMExactly one month back, Dreamforce 2015 kicked off in San Francisco and opened doors to nearly 1,50,000 attendees (including yours truly) – making it by far the biggest tech carnival (I hate to call it a conference) of all times. A few months before Dreamforce, I made another trip to the Bay Area to attend Apple’s coveted WWDC 2015 event. Interestingly, both conferences took place in the same city (San Francisco) and even the same venue – Moscone Center. And being a conference freak that I am, being at these two events rank as my favorite geek memories of year 2015.

Therefore, I couldn’t help but ponder over the similarities and differences of these two events which set the benchmark for technology events all over the world. Of course, Apple and Salesforce are two of the biggest power houses in the tech industry but they cater to massively different markets and audiences. Anyway, here we go – WWDC 2015 vs. Dreamforce 2015 from the eyes of your’s truly!

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Triple Play: Come Say Hello At My 3 Dreamforce 2015 Sessions!

dfDreamforce 2015, the biggest technology conference in the world, starts in less than a week from now. A conference which is expected to have over 100,000 attendees, a smashing line up of speakers including Marc Benioff, Satya Nadella, Tony Robbins and several more and offering a mouth-watering glimpse of the best of what the CRM industry has to offer.

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Lightning Experience + Trailhead + Dreamforce 2015 = Awesome!!

trailhead_trail_developer_lightning_experienceDreamforce 2015 is less than two weeks away and I bet the two words you’re going to hear most often at the conference this year are ‘Lightning‘ and ‘Trailhead‘ that too – in the same sentence. While DF’14 was all about demonstrating the capabilities and exploring the possibilities of Lightning, this year’s Dreamforce is where it all comes together – the much-anticipated Lightning Experience takes center stage .

So, how do you get yourself familiar with the Lightning experience or the so-called Lightning Design System?

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Code Coverage!

height_360_width_640_overlay_codecoveragecoverartIf you are a Salesforce developer, you’d probably agree that there’s no bigger dreaded term than ‘Code Coverage‘. Although the overall intent (as in literal sense) is to increase the coverage of your code and ensure quality, developers often end up writing tests just for the sake of coverage and crossing the line 🙂

Anyway, this year, I learnt about a completely new dimension to code coverage. Run by Matt Lacey ( MVP) and Steven Herod (Salesforce MVP), ‘Code Coverage‘ is a popular Salesforce Developer Podcast series featuring some interesting folks.

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