Jaipur Hackathon Team Calling all AngularJS Lovers – ng-conf Extended Jaipur Edition is here!


I still remember the time I heard the word ‘DOM’ more than nearly two decades back and to be honest, it’s still one of the most dreaded words in my dictionary. The good thing though is JavaScript as a language has matured significantly – I wish I could say the same about me maturing with age.

I personally think it’s frameworks such as Angular.js (and many similar frameworks) which have actually made JavaScript one of the most popular programming languages globally. Therefore, it’s no surprise that ng-conf, a community conference on Angular.js that started last year is one of the most sought after events this year.

And the best part – ng-conf extended edition is coming to our ‘pink city’ Jaipur thanks to Jaipur Hackathon! Read on to know more

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