Jaipur Hackathon – A New Tech Revolution Begins [Part 2]!

jh-1I’ve always been a strong believer of Well begun is half done. In that sense, we were very encouraged with the fantastic response to our preliminary orientation session. However, greater challenges lied ahead as our next two events would set the tone for the eventual outcome of our Jaipur Hackathon dream. Continue reading


Jaipur Hackathon – A New Tech Revolution Begins [Part 1]!

IMG_1431Jaipur (aka ‘Pink City’) is most popular for its rich heritage and it’s no surprise that it’s among the most popular tourist destinations in India. The city has a unique aura when it comes to a diverse culture with some amazing international events such as the Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur International Film Festival and lots more.

However, the fact that Jaipur has a thriving IT industry, a growing startup incubation culture and an amazing talent pool of engineering graduates and post graduates is not very well known. Therefore, when I tried to float the idea of doing a geek hackathon in Jaipur in 2008, there were no takers.

However, times have changed, the ‘Jaipur Hackathon‘ has arrived and a new tech revolution is set to begin.

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