My Dreamforce 2017 Sessions!

If feels as if yesterday that I wrote about my Dreamforce 2016 sessions. Hard to believe that more than a year has passed by in a flash and as I write this, most Salesforce enthusiasts all over the globe are packing their bags to make the trip to San Francisco! Although I attend a lot of conferences, Dreamforce holds a special place in my heart and I’m happy that this love story will be continuing for another year.

Like last year, it’s going to a busy week ahead! Last year, I promised to myself to be more organised and better prepared for Dreamforce but the way things have turned out, I think I need to stop making promises. Here’s my tentative schedule for DF’17 this year and I hope to see you/ bump into you at some of my sessions/ engagements.

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Pluralsight Play by Play: How to Mobilize Your Salesforce App

ps1Over the years, I’ve been a big fan of virtual learning and specifically Pluralsight – as it sets a benchmark for providing high-quality content across a variety of technology and domains.

A few months back, I was approached to publish a Pluralsight course of my own and although I’m no stranger to training people on various aspects of Salesforce, I never imagined recording a course of my own and that too on a prestigious platform such as Pluralsight.

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Salesforce Mobile SDK v5.1 Live – Here’s What You Need To Know!

The Salesforce Mobile SDK team has been working in overdrive mode for the last few months. While I was still catching up on the changes made in 5.0 release (released in December 2016), there has been substantial work done over the last quarter and v5.1 has been released earlier this week.

For someone who’s followed the Mobile SDK since it’s early days, I believe this release is a major milestone and a massive turning point for developers as it brings several features that turn this open-source Github project into an enterprise-grade development kit.  Read on to know more about what’s changed, why and how it impacts you.

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Blast from the past – TiConf 2014 Session Video

titanium-the-good-parts-ticonf-bangalore-1-638I still remember the time when Appcelerator introduced the Titanium framework several years back. I was fascinated with it and kept playing around with it and helping improve it via community efforts for days, weeks and months, eventually becoming the first ever ‘Appcelerator Titan’ in India!

Since then, I’ve several fond memories of being a part of the Titanium ecosystem – becoming the organiser for Bangalore Titanium Developer Group, attending CodeStrong and last but not the least – speaking at TiConf 2014 – the leading Titanium community conference.

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Salesforce1 Meets Avengers: Join Me For the MarvelForce Open Source Project!


I’m a person with a lot of crazy ideas and I usually try and give most of those ideas a shot to see if craziness apart, I can make them happen. And no surprise, that I love super heroes as they do crazy things all the time 🙂 One of those ideas last year – was to do a mashup of Salesforce with Marvel API to build a ‘Salesforce1 Meets Avengers’ integration.

Crazily enough, Salesforce actually accepted this as one of my proposals for Dreamforce 2015 and it ranks among my favourite sessions till date. It’s been fun building this project which I call ‘Marvelforce’ and bring it to a stage where it can graduate from just an experiment to something more concrete.

And I’m looking for volunteers (Salesforce developers, Marvel fans, superhero fanboys) to take this to the next level. Read on if the details interest you so far!

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software bugs6The Mobile SDK 3.x has brought about some welcome changes such as Cocoapods support, Gradle support, Cordova update to 3.7 and many more. However, it has also meant that some things which worked perfectly in Mobile SDK 2.x no longer work. One such critical bug relates to how the image URLs are handled in Mobile SDK 3.x hybrid apps.

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Salesforce1 Mobile Automation Testing Adventures – Part 3

CRUD_2In Part 1, I introduced the concept of mobile automation testing, discussed key challenges and then laid the ground for why I chose Appium as my preferred framework for Salesforce1 mobile automation. In Part 2, I explained how to use Appium Inspector and showed with a demo how you can automate the oAuth dance for Salesforce1 Mobile SDK apps.

Now, let’s get down to business – the key operations in any mobile app are some sort of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. Let’s explore how we can leverage Appium to automate these flows without actually writing a single line of code!

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A Look Back At My Unexpected Salesforce Developer Journey

keep-calm-and-carry-on-17042Some things in life are destined to happen. In 2008, when I signed up for a Salesforce developer org out of curiosity – I had no clue of what’s coming next. To say that what’s transpired in the last 7 years has been a very satisfying and rewarding journey. From learning to write my first customary ‘Hello World’ program in Apex to developing some of the most complex enterprise mobile apps on the Salesforce1 platform over the years, it feels like I’ve a come a long way.

It’s definitely time to look back at this unexpected yet wonderful journey. And the best part – I think my best is yet to come! Time to roll back the clock and re-live it once again! Continue reading

Salesforce1 Mobile Automation Testing Adventures – Part 1

1I’ve never had any doubts that automation testing is the future of software quality assurance. Gone are the days when automation testing frameworks were considered as an investment and we’re quickly coming to a stage where automation is no longer a ‘nice to have’ aspect in any project.

Having recently returned from Dreamforce after delivering a session on ‘Automated Testing for Salesforce1 Mobile Apps Using the Appium Framework‘, I thought it would be worth sharing more insights on specific aspects of Salesforce1 mobile automation testing.

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