Pluralsight Play by Play: How to Mobilize Your Salesforce App

ps1Over the years, I’ve been a big fan of virtual learning and specifically Pluralsight – as it sets a benchmark for providing high-quality content across a variety of technology and domains.

A few months back, I was approached to publish a Pluralsight course of my own and although I’m no stranger to training people on various aspects of Salesforce, I never imagined recording a course of my own and that too on a prestigious platform such as Pluralsight.

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PluralSight Course Review – Career Strategies and Opportunities for Salesforce Platform Developers

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Disclaimers – 1) I’m a bookworm and an e-learning worm as well 2) I’ve read all of Dan Appleman’s books and done all his courses

It’s an open secret that the best time to be a Salesforce professional is “now”. Salesforce has just closed off a strong quarter and an impressive year and it’s no surprise that the CRM giant itself and the markets are bullish on a strong year 2016.

The number of jobs in the Salesforce ‘ecosystem’ has risen exponentially over the last few years and that trend is likely to continue next year. Acquisitions – big and small are a norm rather than an exception and technology is moving at a ‘lightning’ pace.

I’ve been a part of the Salesforce ecosystem since 2007 (nine years and counting) and I’m looking forward to another exciting year as 2016 begins. Therefore, I decided to pursue the PluralSight ‘Career Strategies and Opportunities for Salesforce Platform Developers’ course by Salesforce MVP Dan Appleman to kickstart my new year.

Here’s a short un-biased review of the course and my 2 cents on how I expect the Salesforce ecosystem to grow and mature in year 2016

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