My Dreamforce 2017 Session Videos Now Available!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a couple of sessions to present at Dreamforce 2017! It was a busy week with lots of hustling and juggling between presenting sessions, attending sessions, booth duty, keynotes, client meetings & lots of walking around.

The videos for all sessions are being uploaded on a daily basis by the Dreamforce content team. You can find all Dreamforce 2017 videos here. Here are the links for the sessions I presented at Dreamforce this year.

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Swiftly Yours – Designing Enterprise Mobile Apps With iOS and Salesforce

Apple_Swift_LogoI’ve played around a lot with Swift ever since it was launched. I also worked on porting some of my simpler Mobile SDK apps written in pure Objective-C to use Swift to better understand the nuances of Swift. While that exercise itself warrants a blog post and it’s on my to-do list, I’m writing a quickie to introduce this very interesting series of tutorials – ‘Designing Enterprise Mobile Apps With iOS and Salesforce’.

The series is a brainchild of Quinton Wall and I’ve been interacting with him about contributing my first tutorial to it – which should see the light of day very soon.  Continue reading