Bootstrapping the PHP Toolkit – Wrap up!

Img80_phpEarlier this year, I spent a couple of weeks re-visiting the PHP Toolkit and decided to enhance it with a modern user interface and some useful features such as CRUD operations and import/export to CSV.

I’ve cleaned up the code now and it’s available on my Github repo. Let’s do a quick recap of the earlier tutorials and what we covered in each of these.

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Blast from the past – My Senchacon 2013 Session Video

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.59.23 AMOver the years, I’ve had the good fortune of being a speaker at some of the most interesting and exciting technology conferences. One of these was at SenchaCon 2013 – the session I presented at the conference was ‘Enterprise Grade Analytics Using Sencha Touch Charts’.

Although it’s been nearly 3 years since then, I occasionally receive requests to share the code/ video/ slide deck for this session, so I decided to spend some time writing about it.

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A Look Back At My Unexpected Salesforce Developer Journey

keep-calm-and-carry-on-17042Some things in life are destined to happen. In 2008, when I signed up for a Salesforce developer org out of curiosity – I had no clue of what’s coming next. To say that what’s transpired in the last 7 years has been a very satisfying and rewarding journey. From learning to write my first customary ‘Hello World’ program in Apex to developing some of the most complex enterprise mobile apps on the Salesforce1 platform over the years, it feels like I’ve a come a long way.

It’s definitely time to look back at this unexpected yet wonderful journey. And the best part – I think my best is yet to come! Time to roll back the clock and re-live it once again! Continue reading

A New Beginning!

s1developerAn old adage says that All good things come to an end. While that sounds logical, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the obvious – all good things start somewhere. And this is the beginning of a new Chapter in my web life – my own website and a blog focused on things I’m passionate about.

Among other things, this will be my new playground for all things related to mobile, Salesforce and Salesforce mobile development.

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