Friday Webinar – Video Recording Now Available Friday WebinarAs I mentioned in an earlier post, I was scheduled to present a webinar on ‘Introduction to’ last Friday (June 24).

The webinar went well (that’s what I was told by Salesforce 🙂 and the video for the webinar is now posted on YouTube. Check it out here.

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Making Your Salesforce iOS SDK Apps Work on XCode 8/ iOS 10

iPhone-6-iOS-10-UpdateIt’s the most exciting time of the year for any Apple developers (iOS/ watchOS/ macOS/ tvOS) – it’s WWDC 2016. Apple just released the Developer Preview for XCode 8 which lets you build and test your apps for iOS 10 – the next major version that will be released this fall.

The first thing I tried after downloading XCode 8 was to see how nicely (or how badly) the Salesforce iOS SDK will play with it.

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Bootstrapping the PHP Toolkit – Wrap up!

Img80_phpEarlier this year, I spent a couple of weeks re-visiting the PHP Toolkit and decided to enhance it with a modern user interface and some useful features such as CRUD operations and import/export to CSV.

I’ve cleaned up the code now and it’s available on my Github repo. Let’s do a quick recap of the earlier tutorials and what we covered in each of these.

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Bootstrapping the PHP Toolkit – Part 1

Img80_phpOne of the best things about being a Salesforce developer is that there’re lots of open-source projects and tools available. The bad thing though is that since there are so many of these, most of these aren’t updated regularly enough. The PHP Toolkit is one such framework which although is very powerful, but the user interface is completely dated as it’s not been updated since year 2010.

I decided to pick it up, enhance it and jazz it up a little bit to adopt to the modern times. Read on to find out more.

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Salesforce Trailhead: Learn The Fun Way!

2015-trailhead_icons-new-vf_mobile_iumuhzI’ve never shied away from admitting that I’m a complete bookworm. In fact, I find it difficult to sleep until I’ve read a few pages every day. In that sense, I consider myself fortunate that since reading is one of my passions, it helps me keep up to date with a number of things without making a conscious effort to do so.

However, over the last decade or so, the Internet has changed how most people read and I’m no exception. Whether it’s PluralSight, (now LinkedIn) or doing courses on online learning sites such as Khan Academy, edX or others I spend a lot of time on ‘e-Learning’ and I believe it’s the future of education.

Since I’ve been an active evangelist for Salesforce development (mobile, in particular), I’ve often come across newbies who’d often ask the golden question – “Where do I start?” While it’s easy to point them to a Developer Guide or a manual, it’s not really everybody’s cup of tea to read through tons of pages to learn something new.

Thankfully, the team at Salesforce realised this gap quickly and built ‘Trailhead‘ – an innovative learn with fun series to help developers and admins come up to speed with various aspects of the Salesforce1 platform.

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Code Coverage!

height_360_width_640_overlay_codecoveragecoverartIf you are a Salesforce developer, you’d probably agree that there’s no bigger dreaded term than ‘Code Coverage‘. Although the overall intent (as in literal sense) is to increase the coverage of your code and ensure quality, developers often end up writing tests just for the sake of coverage and crossing the line 🙂

Anyway, this year, I learnt about a completely new dimension to code coverage. Run by Matt Lacey ( MVP) and Steven Herod (Salesforce MVP), ‘Code Coverage‘ is a popular Salesforce Developer Podcast series featuring some interesting folks.

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35 Rockstar Developers You Should Meet at Dreamforce 2014!

Dreamforce1It’s precisely 35 days to go for the world’s biggest and the most innovative technology conference – Dreamforce 2014 to get underway! For somebody like me who’s an outright technology geek and loves meeting fellow developers, the Dreamforce conference is nothing short of the final frontier.

So, why should you attend Dreamforce 2014? Well, there are plenty of reasons to do so but if you’re a developer, this conference offers a rare opportunity to meet and interact with some of the world’s best developers out there.
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